Life and Other Things

Jealousy and Other Things

I have always been a jealous girl.

Sometimes to the point where I paralyze myself – the pressure I place on myself comparing myself to other girls can be debilitating. It can stop me from starting anything at all.

And it can be hard for me to look at incredibly complex, fascinating, successful women without envy or self-pity. It can be hard for me to admire someone without making myself small.

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Life and Other Things

When Love Is Easy

For a very long time, I assumed that the strongest relationships were the messiest ones.

After all, conflict was the main focus of every romantic comedy I watched growing up. Every romance novel I read. Every TV show, every dramatic story, every think piece – it all centered around drama and fighting.

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Life and Other Things

Find a Soft Person

Love a soft person. The kind whose heart breaks over puppies and injured children. Someone who cries over sad endings to movies and feels deep joy over happy ones. Someone who acknowledges your soul instead of your heart because they know that your soul is the center of your universe and your heart is just one star. The sort of person who is told they are over sensitive because they have a more fragile, easily wounded heart.

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