Life and Other Things

Jealousy and Other Things

I have always been a jealous girl.

Sometimes to the point where I paralyze myself – the pressure I place on myself comparing myself to other girls can be debilitating. It can stop me from starting anything at all.

And it can be hard for me to look at incredibly complex, fascinating, successful women without envy or self-pity. It can be hard for me to admire someone without making myself small.

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Life and Other Things

If You’re Standing Still

Spring has sprung, my friends, and with it – the season of graduations, weddings, and baby announcements.

Things were feeling stable, familiar, and then suddenly – it all changes. Someone graduates and leaves you behind, someone else gets married and moves to another state, and suddenly you’re left all alone, with the same job and the same life you’ve been living, minus the friends who make everything feel okay. It’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind.

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College and Other Things

When your Friend is Moving Far Away and Other Things

Things to know:

  • My best friend currently lives 1.7 miles from me
  • We both graduated!!
  • My best friend is moving 170 miles away from me
  • I am very sad

Another thing you need to know:

This is no ordinary friend. This is the friend that you run errands with on Saturday mornings. This is the friend that knows your Chipotle order by heart. This is the friend that is the permanent passenger in your car. This is the friend that you automatically buy a second concert ticket for, because you know they’re going to come with you.

This is my person.

But unlike Cristina and Meredith, or Leslie and Ann… This is much more sad and very much more real.

Here are some things to do in preparation of your very best friend moving very far away from you:

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