Life and Other Things

17 Things I Learned in 2017

1. Let go, but with love.

2. Stop taking the blame when it isn’t deserved (or else you might start believing it is deserved.)

3. Sometimes dreams actually do come true! And sometimes they don’t. This concept is very confusing.

4. The book isn’t always better.

5. Don’t wait around for permission to build the life you want. There will never be a “right time.” Start now!

6. If you’re feeling hopeless, eat something first. Then come back to the problem. It will probably seem more solvable.

7. If you’re dying to be her friend, tell her! She might be dying to be your friend, too.

8. Tell them how you feel. Tell everyone! If you think a kind thought, say it out loud.

9. The way your body looks right now will not be the way it always looks. Appreciate the things you like and find a way to make friends with the things you don’t.

10. Sometimes hoping is harder. Choose hope anyway.

11. Your job does not define you! Your weight does not define you! Your follower count does not define you! YOU define you!

12. Wear the clothes you like, even if you think not everyone will like them. (They’re on your body, so whether or not you like them is more important.)

13. Keep your heart open. Wide.

14. You deserve to dance like an idiot with your friends every once in a while.

15. After you’ve finished crying about the little thing, try to figure out what bigger thing is actually bothering you.

16. Make peace with where you are. It is temporary.

17. The universe always delivers.

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