Life and Other Things

Jealousy and Other Things

I have always been a jealous girl.

Sometimes to the point where I paralyze myself – the pressure I place on myself comparing myself to other girls can be debilitating. It can stop me from starting anything at all.

And it can be hard for me to look at incredibly complex, fascinating, successful women without envy or self-pity. It can be hard for me to admire someone without making myself small.

People always tell me “you can’t compare yourself to others! It’s harmful!” And I know that it’s true, but it never helped me. I couldn’t get rid of that negative energy churning inside me.

But I’ve learned that there’s another option. Friendship.

Don’t spend your time trying to stomp out your feelings or pretend you don’t have them. Instead try acknowledging them and turning them into something else.

You have a choice. Where I once had pain and inferiority and fear, I now have love.

I have friends who only see the best in me, even when I can’t.

Don’t look at your friends in fear. Look at them as inspiration. This is an active choice that I have made, and that anyone can make.

Someone else’s light does not take away from yours. It only makes everything more luminous.

You are brilliant and so am I.

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