Life and Other Things

On Returning to Yourself

This evening, I sat beside an open window and let the sunshine kiss the side of my face. I felt warmth rest on top of my eyes. A breeze swept through the room and I put my pen to paper and scratched a confession across the empty page.

I am here and I am aware. I smile and I can feel it in my heart.

When you go through the hard things you never know how long they’re going to last. People tell you it will get better but you don’t believe them. You feel like you’ll never come back to yourself again. You think that the bad things got away with pieces of you that you will never recover. You assume that you will live forever this way, but it’s not true. You heal. You heal. 

Light enters through the open wound and you begin to feel it throughout your body.

You thank your heart for beating all on its own and working hard for you when you didn’t have the willpower to work hard for yourself. You thank your feet for moving you forward when you were stumbling in the dark. You thank your eyes for opening each day even when you didn’t appreciate the gift. You thank your body for being the vessel that is carrying you through this life.

When you return to yourself you will know absolutely.

Your bones are strong and your skin is thick.

You are better than before.

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