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Seattle and Other Things

ICYMI – I visited Seattle this month!

My little sister moved to Washington for college and we decided to take a day to explore her new city. We’re all from the east coast and have never been to Seattle before so this was an incredibly fun adventure!

We ended up purchasing a city pass so we could hit all of the attractions in one day.


We started at Pike Place Market and obviously visited the original Starbucks! It was smaller than I would’ve imagined, just one little room with no chairs or tables, but the line went pretty quickly!

After we finished looking at all the shops at Pike Place Market we headed down to the Seattle Aquarium!


This was really fun, although much smaller than the Baltimore Aquarium that I’m used to! Still, they had some really cute fish, jellies, otters, and seals.

After the Aquarium we took the monorail over to Seattle Center, where the Space Needle is! This was one of our attractions on the city pass so we got into a short “city pass” line and headed to the top!


This was an INCREDIBLE view, as you can imagine! You get to walk around the entire needle, from the outside! It’s slightly terrifying to be up so high in the air, even if you’re not afraid of heights (I’m not!) but the view was definitely worth it.

We got really lucky because as you can see, it was a beautiful day! I love observation decks so this was definitely my favourite attraction.

Next we went into the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.


When I say that pictures could never do this place justice, they could NEVER do this place justice! It was so beautiful and the glass sculptures were huge and brightly lit. We walked through twice just because it was so beautiful, we didn’t want to leave!

Our final attraction of the day was the Museum of Pop Culture. Honestly, I was super excited for this but once we got inside – I realized I didn’t know a lot of the references! Each room in the museum has a different theme, including: David Bowie, Seattle Seahawks, video games, fantasy, Star Trek, and (my favourite) the Jim Henson exhibit.

After this incredibly long and fun-filled day, we sat in a little park underneath the Space Needle and ate Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while we waited for the monorail back to Pike Place.


Hope you all enjoyed seeing my day in Seattle!

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