Life and Other Things

If You’re Standing Still

Spring has sprung, my friends, and with it – the season of graduations, weddings, and baby announcements.

Things were feeling stable, familiar, and then suddenly – it all changes. Someone graduates and leaves you behind, someone else gets married and moves to another state, and suddenly you’re left all alone, with the same job and the same life you’ve been living, minus the friends who make everything feel okay. It’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind.

And when this happens, it’s so easy to feel spiteful toward our friends. It’s easy to blame them for leaving, for progressing, for getting engaged or promoted or pregnant – even if we’re happy for them.

It’s easy to spend all of our time reminiscing about the way things used to be, and trying to reject the way things are now. We don’t want new friends because nobody can replace our old ones. We don’t want to move forward, because the past was a place with togetherness and happiness and fun. What if the future isn’t?

And here’s what we need to remember about those times – it is a hopelessly normal part of growing up. At some point or another, life tears even the best people apart and it’s not always malicious or intentional. It’s just a part of life. It is important to remember that not all change is bad change.

There are going to be times when we want everything to last forever but they simply can’t – and it’s nobody’s fault. By their very definition, the best times are fleeting. The memories they leave behind – that’s what counts.

Luckily for us, life is not a race. The right time to do something is when it is the right time for you. 

You can plan and plan and plan your life exactly the way you want it, but your plan and the world’s plan for you won’t always align. Sometimes the numbers just won’t add up, even when they’re supposed to.

 So when these times come, and they will come – we have to learn how to make peace with their choices. We have to step back from the resentment and the loneliness and remember that our time will come. Whether it’s sooner, or later, it will come – and it will come at the right time.

There are still an infinite number of new people who have yet to come into our lives. There are an infinite number of experiences waiting to be had.

Just be patient. Because chances are, there are other people out there with your exact sense of humour and the same hopelessly sad feeling that all of their friends have moved on without them, too.

Maybe the next chapter in your story is a whole lot closer than you think.



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