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Tale as Old as Time

Hello, bonjour! This week I saw Disney’s newest live action film Beauty and the Beast.

With adored characters brought to life again by some of our favorite actors (like Emma Watson!), incredible music, flawless costumes, and breathtaking visuals – this was an incredible remake!

I’ve been in love with the story of Beauty and the Beast since I was young. I identified with Belle in many ways – her love of reading and longing for adventure but also sometimes feeling like an outsider. Belle always made it easier for me to accept the fact that I was different, but still worthy of love.


I was so nervous to see this film because typically I’m not interested in live-action remakes. I never saw Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella because I was too afraid that I wouldn’t enjoy them. But with so much hype surrounding this movie and Emma playing the lead, I couldn’t resist!

(Careful, there might be some spoilers ahead!)

Beauty and the Beast was modernized from the original film. They kept all of the original themes while turning it into a progressive, empowering message.

I love what Emma Watson has done to spread awareness about feminism, and I think because of that, she was the perfect fit for Belle. She portrayed Belle in a way that was gentle without being weak. Belle was shown teaching a young girl how to read, despite her town’s affliction toward educated women. This was a very “Emma Watson” scene and it was very inspiring to see!



The thing I loved the most about Belle was that she was wearing boots. I noticed this in the very first scene. In the animated film, Belle wears flats. However Emma’s Belle was wearing thick brown boots and was no stranger to physical activity. This felt much more realistic to me. Belle is active! She needs footwear that respects this! The boots were actually what inspired my Belle outfit.

Emma Watson told the director that she wanted Belle to be more “in control of her own destiny,” than in the animated film and I think they accomplished that goal. While maybe one could argue that the animated Belle was suffering from Stockholm syndrome, there was no confusion with the live action Belle. She stood up to Gaston, she stood up to the beast, and she defended herself.


Belle breaks the typical female character role by presenting herself as intelligent, independent, headstrong, and passionate. She stands to inspire girls to take what we want out of life and pursue our dreams with wild passion, unwavering certainty, and strong independence.

I was really impressed with Emma Watson and the film itself, and it inspired me to create this look of my own. I created a modern, updated look inspired by Belle’s town dress!


Beauty and the Beast has inspired me and so many others for years. Bringing the “tale as old as time” to life once again reminded me of all the wonderful lessons that can be learned from this story. Especially to young girls who are still searching for their own independence. I hope the next generation can carry Belle in their hearts like I’ve carried her in mine.

That’s all for now. Au revoir!

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