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It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To

If you have known me for more than 15 minutes, there is a good chance that you have seen me cry.

Even if you do not know me, you may have seen me cry. This is something I do a lot. I cry when I’m happy, nervous, excited, lost, and almost every emotion in between. I’ve cried at the gas station. At the Dunkin Donuts nearest to my house. At school, at work, at home. My tear ducts do not care where I am.

I cry at movies, books, sometimes even commercials. It doesn’t take much. Me and my eyes are very sensitive and we are not ashamed. I am quite often referred to as a “cry baby” and I’m very much okay with upholding my title.

When I hear people say things like “the last time I cried was at my grandmother’s funeral three years ago,” it genuinely baffles me. I don’t know how other people make it through the day, let alone the week, without it.

Therefore, friends, I would like to share with you the last five times that I’ve cried and why.

One: I watched a video on Facebook.
I watched a video of little tiny pug existing in the world and I genuinely cried for about fifteen minutes because it’s just so small and cute. But like, how could you not cry knowing something so cute exists?

Two: I re-watched the episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Denny Duquette dies. 
The first time you watch this episode, you are supposed to cry. Denny quickly became my favourite character and even after the most dramatic three-part season finale ever, I did not see this coming. The first time, I was sitting alone in the dark and I had to pause because I was sobbing so heavily over this fictional character that I didn’t think I could recover. This, however, was my third time watching this specific episode. I knew very well what Denny’s fate was. And yet, I cried. So. Hard.

Three: Chipotle was out of guacamole.
I am someone who eats Chipotle at least twice a week. This is something that I’m only slightly ashamed of.
In order to not scare the Chipotle employee, I put on my bravest face in the restaurant when he told me that they were temporarily out of guac. I nodded and proceeded to pay for my slightly cheaper burrito and made my way to the privacy of my own car when the water works began. Not to be dramatic, but this is one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. My burrito is just not good without it.

Disclaimer: If you think I’m making a big deal out of this, you would be late to the fact that I am unable to make a small deal out of anything ever.

Four: I got lost driving home.
This is actually one of the most common reasons that I cry because being lost is just really scary, okay? Even though I have a GPS on my phone that tells me where to go and am at least vaguely familiar with almost every area near my home, the panic sets in and I usually have to pull over to compose myself. In this instance, I had turned off my GPS because I thought I was close enough to find my way back without assistance and I missed a turn. And then spent the next 10 minutes crying while rerouting.

Five: I got stressed out applying liquid eyeliner.
If you are someone who wears liquid eyeliner, you can probably relate to this. I’ve been making an effort to actually look presentable when I go to class, which basically means wearing eyeliner every day. This day, however, my attempt to draw a thin black line directly above my lashes ended up being a giant mess. It was far too big and far too crooked. Plus, after stress crying over this, my eyeliner was so smudged that it looked like a had a very prominent black eye. I just left it.

Just for fun, here are few that made honourable mention:

  • My six year old brother got to play goalie in his soccer game and everyone cheered when he stopped the ball
  • A girl on Twitter told me I looked pretty in my profile picture
  • My roommate washed the dishes that I left in the sink and put them away for me without me asking
  • My sister sent me a picture of my cats getting along
  • I watched the trailer for the new Disney movie Moana
  • I couldn’t find my cell phone for over 10 minutes
  • I saw a spider in my apartment and I was alone and too afraid to kill it
  • I got an A on a presentation that I was really nervous about
  • I saw a very sweet couple with a cute baby eating frozen yogurt together
  • I couldn’t remember the chords to a song I wanted to play on ukulele

So there you have it! These are just a few of the many, many things that make me cry. Some of these things may seem silly to you, but this is what works for me.

So find what works for you and stick to it. If you happen to be a giant cry baby like me, work it! Don’t be ashamed. Let yourself feel all of the emotions. Let the tears fall.

And it’s okay if crying really isn’t your thing, but like, have you tried it? It’s pretty nice.

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